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About Ravenswood Tree

Ravenswood Tree and Landscape LLC was created in March 2013.  Owner Chris Wood, has been an arborist for over 12 years. He has is Associate’s degree in Arboriculture from The Stockbridge School of Agriculture, a bachelor’s degree in Forestry Conservation from UMass Amherst and his Master’s in Conservation Biology from Antioch University.  Chris has worked in many related professions while working as a part time arborist including woody plant researcher, land manager, fish biologist and woody plant identification educator. Chris’ love for trees has been present since childhood and he is thrilled to be now performing tree and landscape work full time.

Our Approach.

When I first visit a client’s property, I look for a couple things. I first identify what is at risk on this property. What hazards are present? After that I inspect trees around each structure. Then I look for presence of deadwood, rot cavities, or structural defects in the trees. If there are problems with the trees, I bring it to the client’s attention and offer management strategies.

Tree work is a science as well as an art. It is critical to make sound arboricultural designs in the tree, but also being able to balance the aesthetics of the tree.  We strive to offer client’s the best treecare available based upon sound arboricultural decisions. Clients are repeatedly pleased with how the tree prunings come out once we are finished, this includes a thorough cleanup of the site. Only through proper training and experience can arborists balance both science and art.

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If you have any concern about a certain tree on your property, it is a good idea to ask an arborist.

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